Welcome to Tumblr Tuesday! Here are some fresh Tumblr blogs that you might like:

Finding Creative Direction
Andy is an illustrator, and this is where he shares the lessons of his journey toward new creative directions. (Above: Conflict Isn’t a Sign to Quit.)

We Are the Youth
A photographic journalism project chronicling individual stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth in the US.

mr. div
Entrancing animations from motion designer and aspiring game developer Matthew DiVito.
Andrew Revkin writes about science and the environment on his Tumblr and for The Times’ Dot Earth.

Artlog Talk Back
Seen something Artlog-worthy? Send us the image, where you saw it, and what you think about it. Dispatches published here.

For updates on what’s fresh, check the official New & Notable Tumblrs blog!

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